Hai Chang Huacheng

The first real estate masterpiece of Haichang Group is a villa community with modern European style¡ªHaichang Huacheng. It is located to the south of Dalian Labor¡¯s Park. The site area is 37,000 sqm, and GFA (Gross Floor Area) is 61,000 sqm. With its exquisite layout, fine quality, and intense European style, it was selected as the model project of that year in Dalian. Till now, Haichang Huacheng still impresses the living of Dalian residences by its classical posture.

Haichang Xincheng

Haichang Group¡¯s history in real estate filed is not very long, but its finished products play an impressive role in the real estate industry in Dalian. In April 2000, Haichang Group invested and developed the second ¡°sea¡± related deluxe apartment ¨CHaichang Xincheng, which was the largest commercial residential community next to both hill and sea in China that year.
Haichang Xincheng is located near Charm of the Sea Square in Yellow Sea Coast Scenic Spot. The planned site area is 110,000 sqm, and total GFA is 340,000 sqm. After three years of elaborate work, it is now become an Eden for the home owners. This attractive flower is blooming at the east seaside of Dalian. Conforming to the standard of international urban living model, it is an ideal place for living, studying, leisure, sport, and entertaiment. The community gathered pith of world architecture, and also shows its own unique cultural style. It received prize of top 10 Ideal Residential Projects, Famous Estate of China in 2002, Faithful Pioneer Developer, Top 10 Real Estate (projects) Brands, and many more laurels.

Hai Chang Lakeside Villa

Next to Haichang Huacheng, located at the foot of Dalian Broadcasting & TV Sightseeing Tower, stands the Haichang Lakeside Villa in North American and Canadian style.
Lakeside Villa was built in March, 2001 with a site area of 66,500 sqm and GFA of 31,000 sqm. An artificial lake occupies half of the site area and creates a garden with the style of South China. Fishing club is on the side of the lake, and quality facilities are for owners¡¯ demand. It¡¯s a modern community combining living, leisure, and entertainment in one.
All construction materials in Lakeside Villa are imported from Canada, reproduced a unique cultural charm of the maple country .

Jiamusi Real Estate Development

Haichang Group not only creates classical works in Dalian, but also extends this exquisite style into other cities.
¡°My Home¡± is a waterfront deluxe residential community developed by Jiamusi Haixin Housing Developing Co., affiliated with Haichang Group. It is located in the east of Jiamusi; with Songhua Riverbank extending 1,500 meters to its north; busy Changan Road is to the south; west is the Peace Avenue, and east to international trading pier. With its waterfront character, it is an oasis in this busy urban city, brings people peace and conciliation to mind.
Eyeful green is the ultimate point of ¡°My Home¡±. This project has a site area of 50,500 sqm and GFA of 9,116.7 sqm. Main individual layouts are focused on 80~140 sqm, and this just meets the needs of modern urban residence. This project has become a model for all local deluxe communities.


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